Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday Dec 14

On most Sundays our family loves to go and have breakfast, this Sunday Rylee looked as If she was ready for the snow! We actually went and hunted for a Xmas tree that morning. It felt like it was 20 below, us Californians cant handle the cold very well! We picked out the perfect tree and of course I forgot the camera for that part. But we did get some very cute pics of Rylee. With my flower hair accessory business she is used to being in the light!


Diane said...

Hey Carie! Yay, a new post! Rylee looks so adorable & I saved her picture.
What does your tree look like? I finally put the big one up yesterday. Steve wasn't bringing the heavy bag in, so everything was delayed. I have to take pictures & post them. ☺♥☺

Posh Petals said...

Hi Diane-

I have to say this tree is probably one of our smallest trees, but what was so funny was it was the tree in the very front of the lot and It had a sign on it that said "special" and of course Tyler said Im not so sure about that tree and I said "but honey its discounted for 30.00", I was looking at price and he was going for the gold, its usually the other way around. Rylee didnt care either way, I think she was curious as to why we had a huge tree in the bed of Daddy's truck.